Applying Our Products

While applying ROOT’D BEAUTY products and their clean and natural ingredients, part of the process is take a deep breath, look at the value that you bring to the people in your lives and the world itself, and give yourself positive messages that affirm your deep worth.

Our Team

Wandala and Dominique are a mother-daughter team from Los Angeles, California. Their combined love for entrepreneurship, beauty, and self-care motivated them to create ROOT’D BEAUTY. Wandala and Dominique created these environmentally friendly skin care products to make women feel beautiful inside and out. They are grateful for the strong beautiful women in their family who serve as an ongoing inspiration for ROOT’D BEAUTY.

ROOT’D BEAUTY: Luxurious Self-First Skin Care Products

ROOT’D BEAUTY is a self-first skin care brand for multi-hyphenate women. Combining innovative formulas with positive affirmations, these luxurious products fit seamlessly into the busy schedules and lives of today’s women.