ROOT’D BEAUTY: Luxurious Self-First Skin Care Products

ROOT’D BEAUTY is a self-first skin care brand for multi-hyphenate women. Combining innovative formulas with positive affirmations, these luxurious products fit seamlessly into the busy schedules and lives of today’s women.


I love how this product was created specifically for melanin rich skin like mine! It’s hard to find the right products. The formulas are super lightweight, absorb nicely and smell great!


I love my new skin care routine. I start each day loving myself and feeling great! My skin glows and I get compliments all the time. I would highly recommend Root’d Beauty for some TLC!


Best facial treatment products I’ve purchased! I can see results in my problem areas. The dark spots are fading along my jaw line and I’ve also noticed a decrease in visible pores. My skin is flawless!!



ROOT’D BEAUTY was created by a multi-hyphenate mother-daughter duo who can easily relate to the many ways that busy lives generate stress that ultimately takes a toll on skin. They took it upon themselves to create a luxurious product line designed to repair, hydrate, and revitalize your skin while setting the stage for you to take an additional powerful self-first action through positive affirmations. While enriching your skin with ROOT’D BEAUTY products, you will have the perfect opportunity to enrich your inner self as well.